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Longitudinal Patient Data

Painting a real-world picture of patient behaviour, treatment pathways and health outcomes

Longitudinal Patient Data (LPD) tracks patient behaviour over time, giving the greatest depth of understanding for treatment effectiveness. In the past, gathering LPD has been a lengthy, involved process, limiting its use in clinical research. However, using PharmDash, years of patient data can be pulled and plotted to create LPDs that stretch across entire medical histories.

We map out the full patient journey, combining data points for doctor and clinic visits, diagnoses, comorbid conditions and dispensed treatments. PharmDash-powered LPDs give the pharma industry access to knowledge previously thought inaccessible.

Leverage Longitudinal Patient Data to:

Patient journey mapping discovers barriers to treatment and identifies patient cohorts with unmet need leading to earlier access or changes to treatment intervention.
Pharma longitudinal data enables better practitioner education on treatment options for patients, opening up evidence-backed alternatives.
LPD-powered analysis provides a more personalised predictive treatment for patients, improving the outcomes for all involved.
Tracking LPD gives pharma insights into drug adherence, persistence and prescription methods, allowing for accurate product analysis.

Our Prospection platform, synthesises longitudinal data regardless of volume and complexity.