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Data Mapping

Creating and plotting connections from multiple data sources through efficient data integration

As more and more medical information is being stored digitally, the importance of having a secure platform and a framework to correctly interpret this information mounts daily. This is why Prospection have taken a proactive approach, developing PharmMap to act as a single-source translator for all of the indicators found in data.

Our data mapping methodology shares critical health information with pharma decision makers, uniting cross-disciplinary information into a single, user-friendly interface. We regularly update the data hygiene of our process to ensure no information is lost or corrupted, providing the end user with accurate tools to evaluate options.

Leverage Data Mapping to:

Make rational decisions with data mapped by its value and purpose, giving an accurate overview of the real world context.
Enhance interoperability between cross-functional teams with PharmMap driving data translation standards. Leave no information overlooked again.
Be confident that the data that informs your decisions is accurate. Prospection data mapping methods give you that peace of mind.
Gain access to combined pools of data that are stored securely, without the risk of compromising privacy.

Patient Finder and Tactics ties commercial and patient level data to geographic location, giving you the most targeted and relevant information possible.